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Who I am:

Programmer with a passion for Design. This has always been a great part of my life and so it´ll be for a long time. Specialized in UI and it´s implementations.

My CV:

Saul Remis Garcia

CURRENT JOB: Research Engineer in ArcelorMittal

  • Universidad de Oviedo Telecom engineering
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Research Engineer  ArcelorMittal

December 2011 – Present (Avilés)

-Interface designer
-Functional Library Developer
-Co-Designer custom development platform
-Mobile application programmer
-Desktop application programmer

Lider técnico  Alavista

March 2011 – May 2012

– Accomplishment of verification plans for prototypes. Planning, description, monitoring control and final analysis of tests described, with its corresponding documentation.

– Detailed Grant diagrams planning.

– Program coordinator for Android and iPhone projects.

Becarios Servicios informáticos Universidad de Oviedo

September 2010 – July 2011

Becarios Servicios informáticos Universidad de Oviedo

September 2009 – July 2010


  • Artificial Intelligence Planning 2013 Edinburg University
  • Algorithm: Design and Analysis 2013 Stanford University
  • Control of mobile robots 2013 Georgia Tech

Complementary information:

  • 1st prize in Gijón Campus Emprendedor 2012  for Industrial innovation: Laboral risk prevention by computer vision.
  • Curso de programación C# .NET, Universidad de Oviedo.
  • Curso de programación en J2EE, Universidad de Oviedo.
  • Curso de programación estándares web, Universidad de Oviedo.
  • Curso informático Cloud Computing, Univesidad de Oviedo.
  • Curso FADE 2011 Metodologías ágiles para gestión de proyectos
  • Taller de iniciativas empresariales CME Gijón.
  • Programa CLINIC joven emprenda 2010.

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